Sunday, August 1, 2010

Random Remembrances from the Other Night

First off, thanks to everyone who came out, I had an awesome time no doubt.

- Slamming my phone down into the street after those Nazis at the cougar bar wouldn't let me in. GG Phone

- Woman almost well kind of violating Man Law #1 like 25 times

- Solid dinner and I'm pretty sure I made a few pretty teh ghey remarks...whoops

- Inventing a new dance move: The Marc1313 spin. Thanks H's btw for being the first girls to like dance with me for an extended period of time ever. the M1313 spin requires two chicks and a slick pair of shoes preferably hush puppies, and pretty much you spin and taking turns dancing with them. It's pretty cool and works best when drunk.

- Drinking quite a few adios' and it was indeed adios for the moderator.

- Making ra tarded drunkbooking posts

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