Sunday, August 1, 2010

170 Miles or something Like That

- Trump National GC is the absolute illest! Can't wait to play there.

- Pretty much the most ridiculous day of driving ever. At one point I hit 5 consecutive yellow lights, none of which I could even consider going on. I almost just ran a red on the last one because I was so fed up with that bullshit.

- Redonkulous assholes in Newport fucking shit up, every restaurant we wanted to hit being closed or unaccessible, and no fucking parking like anywhere. The Worst the WORST was when some total assclown stops in the middle of the fucking parking lot just to hang out for like 5 minutes, and won't let anybody go around him.

- OC Fair was lovely as always. Had a great time, wish I had made the bball shot or found my fried butter but there's always next time!

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