Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MLB All Star Game Fanfest

Yesterday I attended the MLB fanfest at the Anaheim Convention Center. Having attended the inaugural one in 1992 in San Diego, I remembered having a ton of fun, and was not disappointed this time around. While I didn't participate in the little kid activities (sans the radar gun pitching activity...55 MPH fastballs FTW!) there was still a ton of fun things for adults. The first thing that you will notice is just the vast size of it (3 entire halls at the Convention Center all devoted to the game that we all love).

It was labeled as "Disneyland for baseball fans" and that label was quite fitting. I spent 5 hours there, but could have easily spent the entire day there, or the entire weekend for that matter, but alas I did have to leave in order to watch the Derby.

Random Notes

- Got autographs from Shigetoshi Hasegawa and Mark Langston. Loved Shige as a player despite being an Angel, and he told me that he almost signed with the Dodgers for his last season, but retired instead. So sad.

- Tony Gwynn no showed which was very disappointing, and I missed Andre Ethier due to the fucking schedule saying nothing about him. Pretty pissed about both things.

- The replica clubhouse was pretty sick, cool to see the game jerseys/lockers of the players, Ryan Braun FTW!

- There were tons of little exhibits with cards, memorabilia, that made me feel like a little kid again. They had a bunch of pre WWII gloves there, and I tried a couple on. TRUST ME! Catching in the early 1900's was NOT a fun experience.

- Checking out the Hall of Fame exhibit was worth the price of admission. The amount of history in that room had me in awe and well pretty much I have to go to Cooperstown now. Tons of pics posted on facebook.

- The Negro League, and Women's baseball exhibits were also pretty cool, as was the minor league section. The Chattanooga Lookouts hat (Dodgers AA club) is the most redonkulous hat ever.

- Got my pics taken with this year's Commissioner's Trophy as well as the World's Largest Baseball. Pics will be forthcoming soon. In short, it was an amazing day, thanks again Heather for going with me. Glad you got your 5 second glimpse of OMG Joe Mauer! The game inevitably has to come to Dodger Stadium or Petco, and when it does, I will 100% be at the fanfest again. A truly unforgettable experience!

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