Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup Championship Game Preview

The Netherlands vs. Espana

Both teams were dominant in their semifinal games, and have been the entire tournament. Germany was the best team in the tournament and Spain absolutely dismantled them, and have controlled the ball for 61% of the time in the tournament. Their midfield play is a thing of beauty. The Netherlands are 6-0, have beaten tournament favorites Brazil, and their front line has done some serious work in this tournament. Their backline and goalkeeping are of a bit of a concern to me, as they have been flawed and taken advantage of time. Among the storylines will be whether Espana plays Torres or Pedro (my pick) alongside David Villa and who will win the Golden Boot. Sniejder and Villa are currently tied with Forlan and Mueller at 5 a piece, so a goal from either one may not only win them the boot for immortality. Stoked for what should be a great game, but Espana is too deep at all levels. The Netherlands will grind and make it exciting, but Espana's midfielders will control most of the game and ship Espana a much deserved title.

Espana 2 Netherlands 1

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  1. Who would have guessed, you picked the favorites!