Saturday, July 10, 2010

World Cup 3rd Place Game Preview

Obviously neither team wanted to be here, but they are. Both really missed one of their top strikers, Suarez and Muller respectively, but were otherwise thoroughly manhandled and the final score was not indiciative of how dominant the other sides were. Lets not forget how well both teams have played outside of the semifinal losses.

Uruguay-Germany: I expect a very open game. There's a $2 million difference in prize money plus national pride to be played for, but both teams have world class strikers and should really let the dogs loose in this one. Suarez is back and I hope to see a nifty goal or two between him and Forlan. Germany aside from the Spain game has been too deep, their keeper has played tremendously, the Spain game could have easily been 4-0, so I expect a solid German victory.

Germany 3 Uruguay 1

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