Monday, April 4, 2011

Blog Design- HELP WANTED!

Ok I'm not going to sugar coat this shit, my blog design is God fucking awful! I mean look at the post below, I don't know how to fucking resize this shit and make things look good. Also the background is bland, and the site is just uninspiring and not pleasant to look at. I feel that it's detracting from the awesome commentary and content, so my question to you all is:

Does anyone know how to fix this shit, and/or is anyone willing to help me. Design and IT stuff are not my areas of expertise, so yea. If you know how to make it look good, shoot me a text and I'll give you my password so that you can play around with things and make it look good. Thanks a lot.

Reward: Sorry I don't get paid to blog so I can't pay you to help. But, if you help me I will make 10 posts on any subject manner you want to hear about, and buy you a beer the next time I see you (assuming you do a good job and make a noticeable improvement in the blog design).

- Your Moderator

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