Sunday, April 3, 2011

Random Remembrances from this Weekend: San Francisco Edition

- Failing very badly with a LOT of chicks that I hit on who were at various levels of sobriety.

- Randomly talking about "the schmoo" from "Lucky Number Slevin"

- Some kinda gay shit that I don't want to talk about. It was the Frisco wearing off on me. I needs to get me to a strip club ASAP to get the gay out of my system.

- The coolest fucking cab driver like fucking ever

- Telling Rick to "SHUT THE FUCK UP" when he was snoring and I was obv. fucked up beyond belief

- Drinking 3.5 Adios Motherfuckers (a very strong alcoholic beverage with a high number of different types of booze in it) in under an hour. Not Recommended under any circumstances!

- Some major homo guy trying to dance with Ryan. I got very very scared as he got closer to me.

- FUCK I just forgot! I was chatting up some hot chick in line for the bathroom. I had to grab something so I told her I'd be right back, but I never went back! FUCK ME! She was hawt, I was drunk and she wasn't running away from me. Prospects had to at least kind of good.

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