Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Evolution of the Drinker

High School: "Dude man I'm SO Hungover. I had 2 wine coolers last night and those things fucked me up".

College: "Dude we went all out last night, we got Coors Light instead of Natty Light". Also, Bacardi 151 takes on mythical proportions at this time, and taking a shot of such is the big time.

20-somethings: "Dude so last night I tried this new beer, and then these crazy new shots, and then this new drink, and then I forgot the rest, but it was good shit". At this age it's all about trying as much different shit as possible: beers, liquors, and shots, and discovering what different boozes give you varying levels of intoxication and hangovers.

30-somethings: "Well sir, I am above drinking a commoner beer like Sam Adams. Give me your finest craft beer". Wine tastings, craft beers, and starting to drink stuff on the rocks, anything to prove that you're not like you're not still an immature 20-something.

40+: "Whiskey straight, and don't tell the wife I was here". You have money, you drink good shit, and you have to drink to get away from the wife that doesn't put out anymore and the kids that drive you nuts.

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