Thursday, May 26, 2011

Random Remembrances from the Other Night

Context: Went out to Downtown Fullerton to celebrate my graduation.

- Suited up, and was dressed legendarily, and was confident that I would find some success.
- Had some bomb Chicken Picatta and got to Q&A my future "sister" Shanna. She passed with flying colors, while Brian and I went played the "World Series" game. Missed 3 from 1955-2010, fuck I'm getting rusty in my old age.
- Drank A LOT of scotch, and did some crazy double shot that Ahron bought for me.
- Hit on the same smoking hawt bartender that I was hitting on from the previous installment of "random remembrances". After some chit chat, I point blanked asked if she had a boyfriend. When she said yes, I didn't even respond, I just peaced out as quickly as I could. Yes that was kind of a dick move, but see above post for my response to that.
- Then I proceeded to run about as well as Africa. Every time I approached a chick or a group of chicks, and tried to talk to them, their bf's or escorts showed up a minute later, and I had to peace.
- Things get VERY blurry after midnight, but I know I spent a lot of money, and almost got in a fight (NOT MY FAULT ONE TIME)! Thanks to everyone who came out, I had an awesome time!

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