Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dodger Talk

- Anything less than Cuban will be a major letdown

- Jesus please don't let the McCourts make payroll on Thursday. My question is what idiots actually are lending money to this broke moron? Failure to make payroll= hopefully a new owner asap so we can trade our veterans with value, and get some prospects to rebuild. We're pretty much fucked for 2012 no matter what, but hopefully by 2013 we can bring this once proud franchise back to where it should be.

- When Don Mattingly makes a call to the bullpen he should be waving a white flag in his hand.

- This is without a doubt the most pathetic offense I have ever seen. The inability to do the little things, and especially the situational hitting is an abomination.

- Juan Uribe and Dioner Navarro= the two most worthless players in baseball.

- I never thought I'd see a worse manager than Davey Johnson, but Don Mattingly is making me question that pretense. His handling of the staff, the bullpen, his man love for Navarro, and situational decisions are all atrocious.

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