Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random Remembrances from Last Night

- Went out to Downtown Fullerton for Eric's birthday, with him and some of his teammates and their girls.

- Started at a couple bars and had some crazy drinks I don't normally have and a super tall boy of Irish Red (damn I love my beer and my women Red)

- Walked to another bar, had to piss, couldn't wait so just pissed against a building- had people laughing at me but who the fuck cares?

- Went to Cosmo or some shit like that. Ran into an old friend who was even more drunk than I was. Matt gave a nice bday toast to Eric. Tried to dance with some chicks who were unbelievably cold to me (and I wasn't that drunk yet). These chicks were single and refused to dance with me.

- Went to the Cougar Bar. I order a drink, and everyone peaces, so I stay and finish the drink. I walk over the dance floor, and try dancing with some girls. One group of chicks turns their back when I try and dance with them, another group puts their hands up in my face, tells me to go away, and walk away. I really don't even remember saying anything, and I didn't get ejected even though there was security right there, so it wasn't me, these chicks were just bitches. I pound my drink, peace out, and then the lights go out.

AFTERWORD: I have since been told that I told some hawt bartender that "she was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life" and that we did fish bowls, so I'm surprised my memory is fuzzy. Another solid all day hangover.

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