Monday, June 13, 2011

Random Remembrances from Paul and Heather's Visit

So glad you guys got to come out here, miss ya'll already, and thanks again to the Owens for everything!

- Welcome Home Party= DRUNKAPOTAMUS! Had several beers, a couple random drinks, and then close to half a bottle of scotch. I have some vague remembrances about watching a UCLA baseball game, talking about the MLB draft, talking about strip clubs, and dropping some F bombs but in a funny way. Heather told me I was funny and making everyone laugh, so I guess I did well.

- 3 Rounds of Golf. I think I found my swing again, then I lost it, then I found it, but holy hell is my putting absolutely on fire right now. Every time I stand over a putt, I feel like I'm gonna make it.

- Dinners together were so much fun, Mama O's bday was tons of fun, the Fab Five reunion dinner was nostalgic to say the least, as was Yardhouse, which was very nice for a different reason, and the Angel game was super awesome. Altogether a very very fun week of drinking and good times that I will cherish and remember.

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