Monday, July 4, 2011

Alcohol Related Man Laws

- A man's drink is either brown or clear. If your drink is any other color, its a chick's drink. Now, there's nothing wrong with having a chick drink on occasion, everyone knows I love to crazy with my Adios' from time to time. However, if your favorite drink and/or the only drinks you have aren't brown or clear in color, well you're a fag!

- Every man MUST in the case of a special occasion be able to drink a glass of scotch and smoke a cigar with the boys. If I can do so with a fucked up heart, then you can to.

- Finish your beer FFS!

- Single guys: NEVER allow your potential prey to pay for their own drink.

- Relationship guys: NEVER allow your woman to pay for her own drink, unless you intend to never get laid again. If you are asking me why not, you are clearly either (a) a fag or (b) mentally retarded.

Simple Formula: Your Woman's BAC x 3= % chance of you getting laid. WARNING: make sure said number does not exceed 100% or you will not get laid + may spend night with her in the hospital.

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