Monday, July 4, 2011

Popular Misconceptions about Your Moderator

From some recent conversations, it has become painfully obvious that there are some major misconceptions about your moderator, so I have come here to clear them up.

- I don't get drunk everyday. I drink probably every other day, but most of the time I do, I just have a beer or two, or a glass of scotch or two after watching the futility of the lol Dodgers. On average, I get bombed a couple times a month, and when I do my antics are posted here, and everyone just assumes it's a daily occurrence. Trust me, when I get shitfaced, it will be covered by a "Random Remembrances" post, and/or drunk blogging.

- I go to strip clubs all the time. There are spells when I go every other week or so, and spells when I don't go for a few months. On average, I probably go like once a month, but it is far less than some seem to think.

- I am only interested in sex. Don't get me wrong, as is the case with most guys, sex is rarely far from my mind. However, what I really want is to have the sex + the emotional fulfillment of a relationship. I know it sounds ghey, but I want to meet the right girl, fall in love, propose, do our planning for a Dodger Stadium wedding, have a raging bachelor party, followed by an even more legendary wedding.

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