Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NFL Offseason Losers


Bucs: They had $8954980809389 to spend, and the only player they bring in of any significance was a FUCKING PUNTER! And they crazily overpaid for him at that.

Raiders: While I actually liked the draft they had, you can't have a team lose their best defensive player (Asomugha), their leading receiver (Miller), and their best offensive lineman (Gallery), and not put them on the losers list. This team still has a nasty front 7, and Kevin Boss is a nice pickup, but there are still major problems on the offensive line, and this secondary without Nnamdi is going to struggle big time, now that opposing teams have the other half of the field available to them.

49ers: I have to imagine the Niners are just punting this season and trying to get Andrew Luck. How else, can you just allow half your starting defense (solid players not scrubs) walk, botch the Taylor Mays situation in the worst way possible, still not have a quarterback, and bring in nobody except a primadonna receiver who is best known for dropping passes and getting arrested.

Giants: The loss of Steve Smith puts them on this list, as Eli is going to sorely miss him and Kevin Boss as his safety valves. The Giants have some major turnover on their offensive line, which will hurt them given the lockout, and the Osi holdout has this team which already lost a lot on the verge of being one of the league's biggest flops this season.

And finally, for the team that lost it's quarterback, top 2 WR, who's RB might start the year in jail, and whose defense got even worse,

With the 1st Pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select: Andrew Luck, quarterback Stanford. Although knowing them, their FO will find a way to fuck that up too.

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