Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NFL Offseason C'Mon Man's

- Vince Young for calling this team a "dream team" AND for including his name in the list of "big name" guys who will help this team. DOUBLE C'MON MAN!!

- The Broncos and Dolphins for fucking up the Kyle Orton trade. It was a trade made in heaven, and now both fan bases are livid. C'MON MAN!

- The Cincinnati Bengals for refusing to trade Carson Palmer, for allowing all their stud FA's to leave, for not spending any money to improve their team, and for making Frank McCourt and Ned Colletti look like Steinbrenner and Billy Beane. C'MON MAN!

- The Tampa Bay Bucs. You have a great young nucleus, and had a great season last year that has woke your fanbase from the dead, you have tons of money to spend, so what do you do? You bring in nobody new, you overpay for a fucking kicker and punter, and you let the leader of your defense Barrett Ruud walk without making an offer. C'MON MAN!

- Braylon Edwards: you are a free agent. You are one of the top WR's in a thin class. Ypu're probably the last stud not to sign, and looking for a long-term deal. So what do you do? You get in a bar fight, and then tweet around fucking some dudes up?! C'MON MAN!

- Rex Grossman: For stating that the Redskins are going to win the NFC East. C'MON MAN!

- The 49ers: for sending a mass email to the other GM's that Taylor Mays is available. Way not to look desperate and/or drive his trade value up. Also, if nobody bites, I'm sure he's gonna be STOKED to play for you. C'MON MAN!

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