Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You Might Be a Child of the 90's If...

- You can finish the following: "In West Philadelphia I was born and raised..."
- Kelly Kapowski/Zach Morris was your tv crush
- TECMO Football is still your favorite video game of all-time
- You knew that Aunt Becky was a MILF before the term MILF was invented
- You dreamed of having your very own cheese pizza just for you (if you get this reference and are a single female, please marry me)
- You are a diehard Cowboys or 49ers fan (and not from either of those cities)
- Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo, and Michalangelo aren't the names of famous artists to you
- You rescued the princess
- You couldn't wait for computer day because that meant: Oregon Trail
- You can still remember what channel Nickelodeon was (35 at my house)
- You can still do The Macarena
- You didn't need architecture class because you had fucking Legos
- You're still afraid of the dark
- You let the dogs out
- The first time you watched "Die Hard" you were waiting for Urkel to show up and fuck everything up
- The first gun you ever owned, you used to kill ducks
- You wanted to gouge your fucking eyes out and still can't forgive Justin Timberlake for those ungodly boy bands.
- Your little sister owned the movie "Spice World" and you watched it once because you were hoping for nudity
- You see dead people
- You had no fucking idea what the hoopla was over the OJ trial
- You and your friends always lied about having seen the movie "Showgirls"
- You watched The Spice Channel even though it was scrambled
- POGS were the greatest thing ever invented
- Michael Jordan was either God or the AnitChrist
- The "Big 3" will always be: Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz
- Your were pissed when your parents wouldn't let you see "Jurassic Park" and when you eventually did see it, you were like: WTF is this shit?
- "Titanic" was the most important movie of all-time! Guys: because you finally got to see boobies. Girls: Because you fell in love with DiCaprio
- The Impeachment Trial taught you more about sex than your parents and school combined.

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