Thursday, September 1, 2011

Woman of the Day: Lisa Ann

Single heretosexual males almost surely know who this, but for you married men, homos, and females out there, she is one of my ATF pornstars because:

- she is a cougar
- she played Sarah Palin in an apporpriately named movie (use your imagination it's not that hard to guess the title)
- she ALWAYS gives an A+ effort in her scenes. Note to all women: if you are trying to impress us guys, you have no idea how far a little bit of enthusiasm can go in doing the trick. Us men are a fairly dumb and primitive creature, and even a bad fake acting job can fool us as long as you have a smile on your face and say the right things.

Moderators Note: I wanted to post a more racy picture, but I had to switch to this one in order to maintain this blog's current "R" rating. As you know, getting that "NC 17" rating is a death sentence to blogs on par with producing as shitty material as I did in 2010.

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