Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chiefs Talk

- What can I say the first two weeks have gone as badly as humanly possible. We were extremely lucky to avoid the injury bug last year, so I had a bad feeling we would have a couple bad ones this year, but serious JC25, Eric Berry, Tony Moeaki, Brandon Siler, and our 1st round pick Jonathan Baldwin- the first 4 out for the year?! For you non-chiefs fans that's our best offensive player, our #2 WR, our starting tight end and #2 pass-catcher, our 2nd best defensive player, and a key run-stuffer.

- Still, even with those guys there is no way we win either game. Todd Haley royally fucked up the preseason by having non-contact practices, and not playing the starters until the last game?! These guys are nowhere near conditioned- both sides of the ball.

- When you turn the ball over 9 times! That's right N-I-N-E FUCKING TIMES in 2 games, you probably aren't going to win. 4 Matt Cassel interceptions, and 5 fumbles by 4 different players= not good. Cassel has been dreadful, he locks onto one receiver and doesn't look off, Dexter McCluster is a threat to both take it to the house and fumble it every time he touches the ball, and our receivers have a major case of the drops.

- The defense hasn't been as terrible, but that's not saying much. Being on the field the whole game because of turnovers doesn't help, but the D-Line has been manhandled in both games (and Buffalo and Detroit's O-Lines are both mediocre). Tyson Jackson is officially the biggest defensive bust in recent NFL Draft memory. And the secondary without Berry has been gouged. I love Brandon Flowers but he can't match-up with tall receivers, we need a CB who can, and our safeties outside of Berry are out of position and burned nearly every play.

Just a total disaster, and now we get an angry Chargers team this week. San Diego and their slow starts should make this competitive for about a half before their superior talent takes the game over.

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