Friday, September 23, 2011

Stripper Sobriety: Week 1 Update

Ok so it's been a week since I said I was going to swear off strippers, and lets just say that it is NOT going well. Like REALLY really not going well. I miss my strippers, the tits in my face, the clubs, the ambience, everything already. I hadn't thought much about them, but today was the first time that I drove by them in the past week, and had I not spent $800 million in the past week and a half, I 100% would have gone. The problem is that I pretty much can't avoid driving through the City of Industry on at least a somewhat regular basis, and everytime I see those billboards on the 60 freeway, or on Hacienda Blvd. I am tempted and think of all my good times. It also doesn't help that every hip hop song I hear on the radio reminds me of a legendary time at Deja Vu (Hawaii Theatre had a strict no rap music policy), so pretty much every time I get in my car or blast my Grooveshark I am reminded of lap dances, VIP rooms, high mileage, and blue light specials.

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