Thursday, September 15, 2011

The End of an Era- My Ted Mosby Moment

So, as posted below, I spent my birthday night at a strip club, as I have spent many a night over the past 5 years. I had many many many a great times over the last 5 years, learned a lot about women, sexuality, negotiating, and how to hustle the hustler. I also made plenty of mistakes, from which I have learned and will not repeat said mistakes in any forum not just sex-related.

As you all know, I enjoy partaking in all sorts of degenerate activities, make no apologies for doing so, but I have always told myself that the day it is no longer fun, is the day that I'll quit. I have reached that point with strip clubs. Going to them seems more like a chore than fun, as I'm just looking for that "special service" that doesn't always come (no pun intended). It has become an addiction more than a fun activity to do on occasion.

I'm not saying that I'm quitting them forever, I'll still go for a special occasion like a friend's birthday. However, I am done going on my own accord, on a regular basis, and am done going by myself. I see these guys from all walks of life, some with money some without, some married some single and just tell myself: I don't want to end up being that guy. We give these strippers our money, our attention, and think they actually give two shits about us. The truth is they only see us for how much money we have left in our wallets, which they will happily spend with their douchebag drug-addicted boyfriend. These encounters if that's what you want to call them are emotionless, completely devoid of meaning, and over a period of 5 years, trust me they rot away at your soul.

Call it me being a fucking pussy, call it me actually maturing, call it me pulling a Ted Mosby, but I want to meet the right girl, and fall in love. I see my married and engaged friends and I want something that isn't just about sex, but is about unconditional love and real emotions. Maybe it's the fact that everyone my age is getting married, or already is, but I want a partner for Pictionary, I want to sleep in a bed when on vacation, I want to have regular sex that I don't have to directly pay for, and I want a girl to share my life with.

Now, that might happen tomorrow at the grocery store, or that might happen 20 years from now with a chick who works at a We Sell Your Stuff on EBay store, or it might never happen. I don't know and that's part of the beauty of life, but I know for sure that I will NOT meet her at a strip club, and that if I stay down this path, I will never be the person that I need to be to be with her. So as of today September 15, 2011, I am announcing my resignation from the life, from "menus", "ATF's", "VIP/Topless or Nudes", from "3 for 1 bluelight specials".

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