Thursday, September 15, 2011

Birthday Thank You's!!!

Thank you to everybody who helped make my birthday week special. Thanks Ryan for the tix to the USC game on Saturday, it was a great experience topped by a Trojan victory (although we've gots to clean up the sloppy play on offense) and some postgame King Taco. Sunday was an abortion of a day of football, but thanks to Rick/Natalie, Ryan/Hill for hosting. Got a couple of solid rounds of golf in on monday and tuesday (13 over both rounds), and a couple nice dinners. Then Tuesday night, headed down the road to Deja Vu with my boy Ahron (thanks bro for hanging with me the whole time). I delivered my most embarrasing performance ever, going 0/4 in picking girls to get laps from. I then spent my remaining funds on some VIP service that delivered, but read above for the rest. Still, thank you all! You mean a lot to me, and thanks to everyone who called me, texted me, sent me a facebook message. It means a lot!

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