Thursday, September 15, 2011

NFL Week 2 Picks

10-6 in week 1. Winners as always are in bold. Kind of a weak slate this week, but Bears-Saints should be good, Cowboys-Niners will bring back the nostalgia of those 3 straight NFC Championship games in the 90's. Chargers-Patriots should be an awesome shootout, and of course the game of the week will be Vick's return to Atlanta where he is still beloved. McNabb was the starter last time, but this one expects to be great. The Falcons badly need to regain their swag, but White/Julio going up against those Eagles corners is a nightmare matchup. Michael Turner is gonna have to blow up for them to have a chance.

Raiders @ Bills
Packers @ Panthers
Chiefs @ Lions
Browns @ Colts
Bucs @ Vikings
Bears @ Saints
Jaguars @ Jets
Seahawks @ Steelers
Ravens @ Titans
Cardinals @ Redskins
Cowboys @ 49ers
Bengals @ Broncos
Texans @ Dolphins
Chargers @ Patriots
Eagles @ Falcons
Rams @ Giants

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