Sunday, September 25, 2011

PERFECTION!!! 11 Days Lol

Well, for those of you who voted in the poll, you were ALL WRONG! It took a mere 11 days for me to return to where your moderator belongs, the strip clubs. Perhaps I took the SC loss/meltdown a little too hard, but some mythical force combined with my addictive personality and inability to repel my vices drew me back.

About 10 minutes into my stay, I saw this chick who was a perfect "10". Beautiful face, amazing rack, nice body, a playboy bunny tramp stamp the whole package. For those of you who watch porn, she was a classier-looking/bigger breasted version of Jenna Presley. I walked up to her and asked her for a dance. It was 3 for 1 specials time so it was a solid 8-10 minutes of dancing time. While "A+ service" was not delivered (what can you expect for $20?), it was by far the best lap dance I have ever gotten, and she was by far the hawtest chick I have ever gotten a dance from. As soon as the dance was over, I peaced the fuck out, as I didn't have enough money for VIP service, and I knew there was no way any chick could top that dance.

Needless to say, I am Back! As to all that emo soulmate bullshit, ehh fuck it. Your 20's are where you act like a moron, and make terrible decisions, because once you tie the knot and have kids- lol fun. I'm not quite done- I have plenty of bad decision-making and making fun of my lol married friends left in me. So until next time, happy lapping.

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