Friday, September 23, 2011

"Sad Story" Moderator Edition

I have no idea if the drunk moderator has ever told this story, but if he hasn't, then here it is.

Once upon a time, the moderator was your typical emo kid. He was 100% non-degen, and the thought of participating in degenerate activities would have abhorred him. For 2 years, he was infatuated with this chick. She eventually rejected him, and your moderator was a miserable wreck for a while...only he didn't drink yet so he had no idea how to cope with said problems.

He went into a total tailspin: in school, in his social life, in golf, etc. Everybody who cared about him was worried about him, and he was miserable every single day. Then out of nowhere, this girl who had always kind of "been there" but he had never really noticed appeared. Her name was "Katie", and she was the calming force that your moderator needed. She showed him that all would be well, she laguhed at all his jokes even the ones that weren't funny, she was and still is the only person who ever loved his car (which is the reason he can never get rid of it), and she showed him that happiness/faith/bliss could be found in a world of misery.

But, he never told her how he felt about her, and he last saw her about a year ago and she is happily married and with child. Your moderator has spent the last 10 years regetting every mistake he ever made with "Katie", and now he is just a broken down piece of shit drunk who misses her every single day, will never forgive himself, and lives in regret. To my readers: do NOT repeat the mistakes of your moderator- tell the people you love how you feel about them, and live and love!

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