Friday, October 28, 2011

C'Mon Man!

- CV for getting sloppy during the Domer game and talking about my cougar and strip club obsession in front of people that shouldn't know about that. C'MON MAN!
- AV for puking over the toilet all night at least according to my boy Brando. If Brando is correct, then AV: C'MON MAN! If Brando is lying and sold his boy out, then well played sir because you are a fellow Chiefs fan. FUCK THE RAIDERS!
- THE OAKLAND RAIDERS! 2 Quarterbacks. 6 Interceptions. 2 pick 6's. 0 points scored. 4 plays from the 3 yard line with a 260+ lb RB and no TD. Against a DIVISIONAL opponent without its best offensive and defensive player! AT HOME! C'MON MAN!
- Brian Kelly and Notre Dame Football. For not using any of their 2nd half timeouts, and just letting USC run the clock out, and essentially giving up! I'm not crazy about Galippo and others shit-talking after the game, let the scoreboard do the talking, but still ND: C'MON MAN!
- Joklahoma for their home meltdown that cost them their season! C'MON MAN! Nice job by DeMarco Murray though on Sunday partially redeeming the school.
- The Miami Dolphins for a 15 point home collapse against a QB that couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Props to Tebow but C'MON MAN!
- The Tennessee Titans and Chris Johnson. The Titans had been playing some good football but wtf is wrong with C2K? The man gets paid and now he's lost his speed? He has the same O-Line, a better QB imo, and has been the weak link on this team so far. You're getting paid bro. C'MON MAN!
- The Indianapolis Colts and Jim Caldwell. Look we know, Peyton Manning should have won the MVP award every single year for the past decade, but to allow Drew Brees to throw more TD passes than incomplete passes. C'MON MAN!
- The Baltimore Ravens offense: ZERO FIRST DOWNS until late in the 3rd quarter and only 8 carrries for Ray Rice. C'MON MAN!
- Every offensive player in the Seahawks-Browns game. Never thought I'd say this, but Seattle really needs Tavaris Jackson back. Watch the highlights somewhere if you haven't eaten in the last few days. C'MON MAN!
- All of my married bros under the age of 40. Dude, C'MON MAN!

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