Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Three Greatest...

Stripper Experiences have ALL come from a mature, experienced woman. As has been stated, analyzed, and discussed on MANY occasions here at the Daily Musings, here is the breakdown by stripper age:

18-23: Haven't gone this young in a long time, but used to a lot when I was in this age range, and: These chicks are working their way through college and/or don't see stripping as their long-term solution. That's fine, nothing wrong with that, and I support their decision to choose this very noble profession. But that 100% does NOT translate into a good experience. They NEVER deliver high quality service, and more often than not mail it in when giving dances. I used to make a lot of mistakes with them back in the day, but I have grown wise. No matter how hawt, AVOID AVOID AVOID!

24-35: Some are in for the long haul, some not, you get a mixed bag here. I would say about 25% deliver either A+ service or great dances, and the other 75% either don't know what they are doing, or are hawt enough that they can give terrible dances and still make a lot of money, luring in suckers who don't know any better.

35+: I don't think I've ever been disappointed by a stripper who was 35+. They are mature and experienced. They've been in the game long enough that they know what they are doing. If they've stuck around this long, they almost always really enjoy the job, and they enjoy delivering A+ service. They also have BY FAR the best attitudes of all strippers, I don't think I've ever encountered one who gave me attitude, tried to upsell me, or complained about how much I tipper her. They are grateful for the money and attention, and will shower you with their full arsenal of sexiness. I have a pretty strict rule about not doing repeat business with a stripper. I have broken this rule twice, once with a stripper about 35-40, and the other with one who is 47. Also, my best all-time stripper experience was with a stripper about aged 40. She taught me things I didn't know existed.

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