Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ramdom Remembrances from Vegas

Night 1

- Two beers in the room, a yardstick 190, a lot of walking, a lot of peeing, getting back to the Excalibur and playing some blackjack. I was up big, then got another 190 and some scotch and proceeded to lose it all back when I couldn't win a double down to save my life.

Next Day

- Woke up drank two beers with Ryan
- Had about 6-7 scotches while playing poker
- Had a 190 and a marg all before dinner time
- Had a few more beers, another 190, and I think a few more scotches, did some dancing and somehow didn't die
- Danced with some cougar until some younger chick came over and said "THATS MY MOM" and I stopped dancing with her
- High-fived a whole bunch of people for reasons I still do not know
- Almost vomited on the strip
- Got mondo slowrolled by a blackjack dealer and was steaming beyond belief
- Got hit on by some crazy and very ugly chick...guess I know how the chicks that I hit on feel
- Gave a bum $5 because he had a sign that said "why lie i need a whore" because why lie the moderator does to

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