Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Random Remembrances From Recently...

I have actually not been drunk a lot recently so I only have two nights recently...

- Staying home on a friday night for the first time in forever to watch the Dodgers game. Getting hammered watching games all evening and night long.
- Doing a LOT of drunk dialing and texting
- Telling people that I loved and hated them
- Going wine tasting the next day to check our Ryan and Hill's wedding venue
- Stephen daring me to approach these drunk chicks and take their pictures. Meeting the hottest and drunkest one, taking some pictures, doing some awkward hugs and i think high-fives, but not sealing the deal.
- Falling in love with two of our wine servers. One was like 50 years, but she had a nice rack and asked me about the Masters which was like insta-boner
- The other was ridiculously hot but married. Hillary was talking to her a lot, and I got in on the conversation. When she walked away, everyone was like: "Marc is in love with her". I was like, yep.

Toby Keith's

- Two tall boys while eating wings and watching the Dodgers and Kings games
- Another tall boy, a chivas, an like half an adios (i'll explain in a minute) at toby keith's
- Looking for excuses to walk around and talk to the bartender chick at the front with an A+ rack whose tits were basically hanging out
- Some random guy bumping into me spilling half of my drink. Me standing there and his boys just telling me to move along. I get a little hostile demanding an apology, he doesn't and eventually i walk away but I was pissed.
- Two really hot chicks one wearing a Boston Bruins jersey approaching me and saying GO KINGS! I was wearing my Kings jersey. I'm like wtf you're a Boston fan. She tells me that the Kings are her western conference team. We do some high-fiving and talking about hockey, and maybe a little quick dancing. I think the 3-some is a real possiblity as they are being super friendly and approached me which never happens, so I offer to buy them a drink, but they tell me that they are lesbian lovers. I tell them each congratulations and that they are each hot, high five and walk away.
- Some overweight yet still not terrible looking chick and her bitch friend approaching me and like I have a chance here.
- Her bitch friend talking shit to Eric, so I'm like eff them.
- Eric telling me to still go for it, and pushing me towards them.
- Bitch friend gets kicked out, i think.
- I buy the BBW and myself an Adios each, she disappears for a while so I am double pounding. She returns and we start dancing. All of my friends are rooting for me, and tell me that I have a legit shot here.
- Some douchebag starts grinding on her, I tell him to go away. he does not.
- I get in his face, he gets in mine. Some other dude dressed normally gets in my face. I tell him to GTFO. Turns out he's a bouncer and I get the boot.
- Douchebag comes up to the window while I am protesting to bouncer #2, points at me and laughs. I was not pleased.
- Have a pleasant and civil yet hammered conversation with the manager. I am amazed at how polite we both were considering my state.
- Go to the bar across the street and drink another chivas before we all leave.
- Wake up to find that I sent many many many drunken texts, and one drunken facebook message to a girl that I really like (the one from the previous blog poll question) that was nice, drunk, and probably sealed my fate with her.

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