Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random Remembrances from Ryan and Hillary's Wedding Weekend

- Awesome drive up on Thursday with Ashley and Stephanie.  Ashley: your story was fucking awesome and I love your storytelling methods.
- Ryan fucking soulreading me at dinner and knowing that I was going to order Chivas although I think I know what your "tell" is on me.
- Awesome rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
- Spilling pizza all over myself at dinner
- Crazy drunk shit and dance practice that night
- Darkness
- Waking up and things getting weird
- Hungover golf, got drunker on the course
- Chilling the fuck out with some In N Out afterwards and practicing my speech
- Watching Ryan and Hill get married to a beautiful ceremony and delivering a bombass speech.  Guys: thanks for allowing the world's biggest degen to speak during the middle of your wedding- I hope I didn't let you down.
- Ryan telling me I needed to speak again and give a blessing over the dinner.  Thank God I didn't end up doing so or we would have all gotten food poisoning.
- Almost crying during Natalie and Paul's speeches and laughing my ass off during Eric and Sam's.  Seriously, you all killed it: fanfuckingtastic work!  Kyle: you need to get Eric back one day though.
- Dancing the night away with all my homeboys and homegirls.  One of the ladies there who shall remain nameless kissing on the mouth.
- PARTYBUS: Being dared by one of the to remain nameless ladies to give the entire bus a strip tease and then following through on that.  It was fucking awesome and will be posted eventually.
- After party in Eric and AshCab19's room: Doing ANOTHER striptease when the same lady requested it and giving her a lap dance.  Walking her back to her room in my boxers (5-10 minute walk) when I couldn't find my clothes. 
- Spending an entire weekend with 200 people that I love.  I didn't know everybody there, but those that I did are amazing and those I didn't I got to know, making some friends along the way.  It was the best weekend of my life, and I will never forget it.  Thank you to Sam, Shawn, Paul, and Val for everything that you did to make it possible!

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