Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random Remembrances from Ryan's Bachelor Party

- Things getting weird (a lot)
- Rick waking me and Eric up every 20 minutes with his fucking snoring
- Losing a shoe then later finding it
- Our room setting a world record for most deuces taken in a single weekend
- Never having any fucking toilet paper
- Drinking like 25 190's in 4 days
- Waking up to take a deuce.  Going to my bathroom and not seeing any toilet paper, going to the other bathroom and not seeing any toilet paper.  So I'm like WTF am I going to do?  So I stumble around for a while, and my foot bumps into something.  I hear a groan, and it's Carlos.  WHY THE FUCK IS CARLOS SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR?!
- Committing severe financial errors (GFY Blackjack)
- Most of the rest is total darkness (that's what happens when you drink like 6 190's and 1.5 bottles of scotch in 4 days). 

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