Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why Yor Moderator "Falls in Love" So Easily

- Your moderator has never hidden or been discreet about the fact that he is the biggest degen that you know.  I  make no apologies for this, I am who I am, either accept me fully or not at all.
- That being said, your moderator deep down is a hopless romantic.  He puts up a front of being the man's man but deep down he just wants to find "the one" and fall into a love that his friends and family have found.  If he were to die today, the greatest tragedy would be that while he is important to some, he isn't the most important person in the world to anybody.
- He has been in love once in his life, but has never been told by a girl that she loves him.  It hurts a lot that I've never been told those three magical words "I love you".  You all know that I have tried and tried and tried, but constantly failed either through my own (many) faults or because the women that I seem to go for are manipulative controllers who treat me like one of their puppets.
- So I guess any time that a chick pays him any attention, gives him the time of day he naturally gets his hopes WAY too high, which only sets him up for more sadness. 

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