Tuesday, September 22, 2009

10 Signs That You're a Little too Obsessed with Fantasy Football

Eric, Paul, Ryan, and I are some sick human beings imo. But hey 3 of us are 2-0, with the 4th being a Ronnie Brown INSANE crazy monday night game away from being 2-0. You gotta be a little nuts if you PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!

(1) You do fist pumps in a restaurant bar when you're team's KICKER makes an extra point.

(2) You scream "NOOOO!!!" in same said restaurant anytime the ball is thrown in the direction of your opponent's WR!

(3) You have intense and vivid dreams about your next week's matchup. Apparently I'm going to be up 25 points after sunday's games, but my opponent will have DeAngelo + Romo versus my Nick Folk on Monday Night.

(4) The phrases "game time decision" and the ohh so overused "Questionable" piss you the fuck off, and make you want to stab kittens.

(5) The phrase "in one of my leagues" or "in my other league" are a permanent part of your vocabulary.

(6) Your facebook status updates are littered with fantasy football jargon.

(7a) You print or write out your all of your matchups for the week, and actually bring those sheets with you to the bar.

(7b) You have all of your team's players AND your opponent's players for that week memorized. Yes Paul that's for you.

(8) When driving to, and at a baseball game, you keep refreshing the NFL page on your phone every 15 seconds to see how your teams are doing. Yes that's you Ryan.

(9) You start calling yourself and your league mates by their ffb screen name, instead of their real name.

(10) You have a "top 10" blog post regarding fantasy football posted at 4:11 in the morning.

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