Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sports Weekend In Review

(1) Nothing in the world sweeter than winning a series from the Giants, narrowing the magic number to 8, with 12 to play, and all but knocking the hated ones out of the playoffs. Great win today, congrats to Andre the Giant on getting to 30/100. This will definitely not be his last 30/100 season. Let's finish the deal this week boys, because we badly need to get our starting rotation in order, and really need Billingsley to find his 1st half dominance again.

(2) Very very ugly performance by the Trojans on Saturday. Hats off to Washington, Sark, and Holt they played a nearly flawless game, and definitely deserved to win. Amazing how great the Trojan defense has played, considering they lost their entire front 7 to the NFL. Still, our problems at QB, and to be honest WR are going to be a continuing problem this season. A 3-4 loss season, is possible, but just take them one at a time, and I'm going to stay true to my team through thick and thin. Fight On and Beat the Cougars!

(3) It is going to be a VERRRRRRRRYYYY long season for the Kansas City Chiefs and their fans. Losing to the Raiders at home is about as bad as it gets. Good to see that they're competitive in these games, but 4 straight against the NFC East, and then the Chargers means that an 0-7 start is definitely possible, dare I say probable.

(4) Drew Brees and Chris Johnson are not real humans. PuntingIsWinning moves to 2-0 thanks to Andre Johnson's fantastic performance. Tough matchup next weekend against Paul. Really need to start getting some production from my RB2 slot...please get healthy Pierre Thomas!

(5) The Cowboys new stadium is absolutely amazing, and what an unbelievably great football game to break it in. Had a great time watching it with everybody, you are all great, and looking forward to many more NFL Sundays with you all this season, and for many seasons to come.

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