Friday, September 18, 2009

An Argument in Favor of Hush Puppies

(1) They are so so comfortable. Pretty much the perfect dancing shoes. Why kill your feet, and end your night earlier than you have to, when you don't have to.

(2) They're easy to slip on and off.

(3) Hush Puppies is a really cool sounding name. The words just go together perfectly imo.

(4) I enjoy wearing them, and they make me feel good.

(5) They're a very good litmus test. When meeting new females, if they say they like them, I know that they're either full of shit, or Dream Woman. I'm pretty sure I can differentiate between the two. If they say they don't like them, then NEXT, but at least I know that they're honest, and they definitely have friend/"Woman" potential.

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