Friday, September 18, 2009

Foods that Everyone Needs to Try before they Die!

(1) Carne Asada Tacos and/or Burritos from King Taco. Orgasmic: no other word can do them justice, just try it. I'm more than happy to pick you up and drive you there if you want, just don't interrupt me during my Dodger games.

(2) Popeyes Chicken: It's really just regular fried chicken to begin with, until God comes down from Heaven and does his miracles, just like "he came down from Heaven and stopped those mother fucking bullets". Please someone get the reference, but yea Popeyes chicken, fries, and biscuits are zOMG awesome. Now open in the food court at the Brea Mall for your convenience.

(3) Crescent Roll Hot Dogs. Not sure if these are common, or just a family thing, but I absolutely love these, and used to love making them when I was a kid. You take a hot dog, make a slit in it, pack in with cheese, place it in a crescent roll, and then throw 'em in the oven. Yum yum.

(4) Ruby's Bacon Cheesburger (Swiss Cheese) with fries and a coke. They blow Big Kahuna burgers, In n' Out, and all other comers out of the water. Always cooked to perfection, and I think the extra thick and crispy bacon is what makes it.

(5) Cheetos "Puffs" when you're with a group of friends, and all of your BAC's are over .20

(6) Moonstone Beach Bar and Grill Seafood Pasta. Been so long since I've been to Cambria, God I miss it so much, but this dish alone was worth the trip.

(7) Brian Parrelli's Lemon Chicken. He may think that Megan Fox is unattractive, but goddamn can this man cook, and this is his best dish. Plus lemon chicken is about as good as it gets to begin with.

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