Friday, September 18, 2009

Megan Fox

(1) Because there is no way in hell in 10 billion fucking years that there can ever be such a thing as too many Megan Fox threads.

(2) Because Brian, Heather, and Paul, and anyone else who nitpicks her, are all either blind or the super ghey for failing to recognize her super hotness. Come on if you're telling me that you (assuming you were single) wouldn't hit that, then there is something MAJORLY wrong with you.

(3) Because at least Ryan and Hillary, and every straight male in OT know insane sexiness when they see it.

(4) Because I came across this transcript while perusing the Dodgers' message board. Apparently she was being interviewed on Kevin and Bean:

Dave the King of Mexico: "How do you think the Dodgers will do in the playoffs?"
Megan: "I think they're going to win it all"

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