Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CBS Mondays

So great to have them all back for another season. Love the feeling of coming home on Monday nights, knowing that I'm coming home to an hour and a half of "awesomeness" and laughs. The How I Met Your Mother premier was fantastic. "You're in the wrong room T Dog" was priceless, and Barney and Robin are so awesome together. The rapport between Charlie and Alan on 2.5 men is hilarious, and the cameo from Will Sasso from Mad TV was awesome. Finally on the Big Bang Theory, well Penny is OMFG hotter than ever. I mean do you really need another reason to watch? Well if you do, there's always the enjoyment of knowing that no matter how bad you epic fail with the ladies, there's always going to be someone who runs worse/is more incompetent than you, these 4 and yours truly being said example.

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