Thursday, September 24, 2009

Best TV Show Theme Songs

#5: The OC....anybody in their mid-late 20's who hears the beginning of that tune immediately gets goosebumps as they reminisce their college days

#4- The Fresh Prince of Bel Air: In West Philadephia I was born and know the rest!

#3- Family Matters: It's a rare condition this day in age...(perfection, and I don't care what anybody says Carl Winslow was the best TV dad ever)

#2- How I Met Your Mother: The definition of Short and sweet, and the full song titled "Hey Beautiful" by the Solids is a great song, with the band being composed of the show's creators and their friends. Check it out.

#1- Always has been and always will be Cheers. Who doesn't want to go somewhere where everybody knows their name?

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