Tuesday, November 10, 2009

5 Best Animated Movies

(5) Shrek: Because they absolutely mastered the art of adult humor fused with kids humor, the characters were all a little quirky which is awesome, and it's one of those movies that you want to watch again, if nothing else to catch a couple more of the subtle jokes.

(4) Aladdin: Another great story, and "A whole new world" was actually my final table chill the fuck out music for a long time, so I can't exclude it from my list.

(3) Up: A great adventure story that shows that it life doesn't start or end at a certain age, and that even the most unlikely of people can become friends. The "silent" first 10 minutes were fantastic as well, along with the little short story that Pixar plays before its feature films. Please keep churning out these masterpieces Pixar you are the Peyton Manning of filmmaking.

(2) Beauty and the Beast: music good, characters good, great love story, and meh if you're willing to put aside all sense of realism, it gives all us ugly mother fuckers some hope.

(1) Ratatouille: Great story, great characters that you want to root for, great dialogue, humor for adults and kids, the food looks fantastic, and ffs it's Pixar, can you really go wrong?

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