Friday, November 6, 2009

Analyzing the Three Standard Forms of Greetings/Goodbyes

The Hug: Absolutely acceptable when seeing someone that you've missed, and haven't seen in a while. Good for male/female, as well as family relationships. And Ahron and Erik, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a guy hugging another guy. It is NOT in the Man Laws, and is not teh ghey, but rather a showing of brotherhood. Now as for females, it is perfectly standard and acceptable, and probably the best solution for female/female contacts, and if you're both hot, if you want to throw in a little tongue action that's perfectly acceptable as well. I'm just saying. Hey before you crazy bizzotches judge, remember the moderator is merely saying what all straight guys are thinking, but cannot say because if they do they will get their asses kicked. Ahh the perks of being single.

The Handshake: Obviously the preferred method of greeting/goodbye in any sort of formal setting, and the defacto setting. However, problems can arise when one person is an aggressive handshaker, and other is a passive handshaker, it's just awkward and you all fucking know it. I mean do you relax and chill out, or get more aggressive in your handshake? Do you say anything to the other person about their handshaking? It's just awkward for everybody.

THE MOTHER FUCKING FISTBUMP: The preferred method of meeting and saying arrivederci to all people male or female. It's not awkward, there's no lingering weird feelings that hugs can produce, and when you "blow it up" it's just fucking awesome. Probably not recommended in formal or family settings, but when dealing with people you are comfortable with, this is just the MF Nuts! Ohh and on a sidenote, if you're fistbumping engaged females, do NOT fistbump their engagement rings (I think that's how I got this cut on my finger, thank you very much Woman!)

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