Friday, November 6, 2009

I Would Greatly Appreciate It If

Now as many of you know, I absolutely fucking hate and despise it when people tell me what to do/think, so I will never do that to you, but here are a list of things that I do not particularly enjoy:

- Public Displays of Affection (Ghey, Straight, Bisexual, we get it you two love each other, please stop "proving" it to us.) MAJOR EXCEPTION: Two Attractive or at least semi-attractive females (see the threesomes 10+ rule), because that is just SOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!

- Discussing politics, because it can only end badly, and politics absolutely lifetilt the shit out of me. FUCK all politicians on both sides of the aisle, because they are nothing but corrupt pieces of shit! ALL OF THEM! GODDAMN IT I'm pissed already!

-People touching Me: Unless you are an attractive single female, I just have a weird thing when it comes to people touching me. I mean standard hugs, handshakes, fistbumps are fine, but beyond that it's just ghey and/or weird.

- I could have sworn that this list was longer when I started, but I hit a roadblock. Facebook convos and fantasy football trade analysis FTL!

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