Friday, November 6, 2009

Things that are Driving Me Crazy!!!

- The McCourts' divorce situation. Please please please please x 1000000000 DO NOT destroy the team in the process. Either sell the team NOW before free agent signings, or somehow figure out a way to be civil and not destroy the franchise that I love.

- Mike Bell: Please go away. You suck, you are a piece of shit, and you steal precious goal line carries away from Pierre Thomas who I own in my two main fantasy football leagues.

- All of the uneven numbers that appear on my blog. Yes my OCD ness is getting kind of bad, especially when it has to do with numbers, and this shit is driving me nuts. Last night I had to post two bullshit completely unnecessary, irrelevant, and nonsensical posts just to get to 20 posts for the month. Further OCD behavior ahead: my mom didn't get bad until her late 20's, so it appears that I'm headed down the same road.

- That ugly fucking 1 after the 7 in The Gridiron Grudge Match. Eugene: I will not forget that loss, I hope that you make the playoffs so that I can exact some revenge, and if you don't I promise that next year I will compete with the sole purpose of destroying and humiliating you in our matchup.

- Every single conductor of motor vehicles in the state of California. Memo to All: Learn how to FUCKING DRIVE!!!! If you're in the left fucking lane, driving 10 mph under the speed limit, is NOT ok. Stop occupying two lanes at once! And Jesus Christ a green light means GO MOTHER FUCKER GO!!!! It doesn't mean sit around for 2 minutes, pick your nose, and then cruise along.

- KIDS!!! Why the fuck people have kids is beyond me?!!! I despise kids, and even moreso the parents that let them run wild. These little runts just think they can run across the middle of big streets and everybody can magically stop for them. They just AFSJDK;LKFSDKJLF FUCKING PISSS ME THE FUCK OFF!!!! Please to my 20 something friends, I am on my hands and knees begging to you, do NOT have children, because the world has enough problems, do not bring 2.5 more of them to it. Edit + Exception: Well actually you guys can, because Uncle Marc will teach them how to live. Nothing but pizza, soda, Dodger games, and halo tournaments all weekend. Big Juan: Little Juan and Jakob are cool kids because their Dad taught them well.

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