Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blog Contest Scavenger Hunt

Okay so the trivia contest was an epic fail, so lets try something else. Ohh btw the score after round 1 is: Mrs. Owen 2 points, all you other people 0 points. This is pretty simple, find the object in any part of your daily life, take a picture or video of it, and either send it to me, or post it on facebook, I don't care just prove you took the photo somehow, and win points. If it's an object, then just deliver it to me personally.

The scavenger hunt part of the contest runs from now until Dec. 15. My email address= mtokushi@csu.fullerton.edu

DO NOT take pics off the internet, you must take all photos/videos yourself. Umm yea the whole point of a scavenger hunt is that you go out and find things, not just be the best google searcher. All pics and finds will be posted in this blog, so act with some discretion.

The prize again= person with the most points in all the contests combined gets a heartfelt Christmas gift from the moderator.

The List

A 1984 penny= 1 point
A 1984 quarter= 1 point
Picture of a hot chick drinking scotch= 3 points
A woman under 40 who loves the hush puppies= 5 points
Picture of a hot chick wearing a Kansas City Chiefs jersey= 10 points
Pic of a living human being with six fingers= 2 points
A youtube video funnier than "Women Can't Drive"= 2 points
Pic of a hot chick holding up a sign saying "I <3 The Daily Musings of marc1313"= 3 points
If said chick actually becomes a subscriber and regular commentor= 10 points
Pic of any "Woman of the Day" other than Hillary and Heather= 10 points
Soup better than whatever that soup was that I had at Paul and Heather's engagement dinner= 2 points
Bread/Biscuits better than those at Red Lobster= 2 points
A Sandwich better than an MJT= 2 points
A bacon cheesburger better than the one at Ruby's Diner= 3 points
Mexican food that makes me say: "King Taco Who?"= 5 points
An alcoholic beverage better than scotch on ice= 2 points

And the crown jewel of all possible finds, that pretty much earns you an automatic win, and many many many hugs/fist bumps/high fives:

My childhood blanket (it was lost during my 2nd heart surgery at UCLA when I was 6 years old. I carried it around everywhere with me. It was made of white cloth, was hand held size, and had some kind of design on it, I think it might have been trains. I suck at describing things, but I'll know it if I see it)= 100 points. This would be the greatest Christmas gift ever.

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