Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NFL Week 10 Preview

It's RAIDER WEEK! One of the many reasons I hopped on the Chiefs bandwagon, was the chance to play and beat the Raiders twice a year. We gift wrapped the first game of the year away to them on penalties and turnovers, but this week it's PAYBACK time. Throw out the records, because this one is personal. Ohh and in case you haven't heard there's a pretty big game in Indy on Sunday night. Only the two best Quarterbacks in the game, and possibly ever will be squaring off against each other.

Winners in Bold: 7-6 last week, 63-33 for the season. After this week, the dreaded bye weeks (fantasy football players know what I'm talking about are finally over), and this week also marks the beginning of Thursday Night Football (Go Johnny Knox!) This week is a mixed bag, with 2 HOLY SHIT epic games (in Indy and Pittsburgh), a couple that should be somewhat entertaining, and a whole bunch of garbage. Many of the divisional races are either over or close to over, the playoff picture is beginning to clear up, and OMG do I love the AFC North race.

Bears @ 49ers
Falcons @ Panthers
Broncos @ Redskins
Bills @ Titans
Saints @ Rams
Bengals @ Steelers
Jaguars @ J-E-T-S
Bucs @ Dolphins
Lions @ Vikings
Chiefs @ Raiders
Cowboys @ Packers
Seahawks @ Cardinals
Eagles @ Chargers
Patriots @ Colts...Joseph Addai WILL be the difference
Ravens @ Browns (someone please tell me how this became the MNF game?)

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