Thursday, November 19, 2009

Please Ignore this Post as the Moderator is Just Ranting Nonsense

I really really wish that I hadn't started this whole murder mystery thing, because it is causing me great frustration. I just wrote pretty much all of part 4, and then deleted it, because it was epic garbage. I really really do not like part 3, and thought that 4 and 5 were the strongest parts, but am beginning to reconsider. Holy Christ I'm probably just overthinking well no I'm definitely overthinking this way too much, but I really want to churn out the best piece possible. ARGHHH!!! Just need to do one of these: UWIOEJRLFSKDHLJJFO;WL9R8[20QU845RUJIKMFGVNJFD'GJLKB]WUTFWJTUGF9OWH8THPHUEWITGJIWAIJTJE

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