Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Three Times Two": A Murder Mystery Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Turn

December 30, 2009 Aspen, Colorado, 6:25 MST

The four remaining cabin occupants are still in a state of shock at Sam's deceased body: "No this isn't happening. He did NOT do this" Lynn cries out, as the other three try and console her, "Why would he do this, he didn't even leave a note" she continues.

"That makes absolutely no sense" adds Kathleen, "he was fine last night, and with the little speeches that we all gave, I can't believe that he would do this either". "God two of them, two of the best guys..." and she can't help herself any longer and joins Lynn in total hysteria and mourning.

"and look at the stand that he used to prop himself up" continues Carrie to Mike, "it's tucked neatly away in the corner, if he was standing on it, wouldn't he kick it away, and wouldn't it be loose in the room, instead of tidily stored away".

"Something just isn't right here. I mean Sam loved James, but he would never do this, EVER!" continues Lynn

"Guys come on, this place is driving you all crazy, do you understand what you're suggesting...that there's a mystery killer on the loose hunting us down one by one?" Mike suggests, as he weeps over the fact that he has now lost his two best guy friends.

"Or, that one of us is the killer?" Kathleen says.

They shrug off the idea, and begin to move Sam's body downstairs to the walk in freezer, to store it with James' for preservation, as the weather is still far too treacherous for them to even step outside, yet alone leave their quarters. They open the freezer, and discover something that greatly unsettles them: James' face is greatly contorted and distorted, and it appears that he has been the victim of a gross post-morten violation, probably poisoned.

"Ohh my God" exclaims Lynn, as the rest of the group shares in similar reactions over the discovery. Mike examines the body further, and realizes that James did not die of alcohol poisoning, "girls, he was murdered" and I really think that Sam was as well. There's something very wrong going on here."

The girls are shudder in terror, and Kathleen cuddles up close to Mike for protection. Lynn and Carrie already having lost their men, and now in fear for their lives being to panic.

"Alright girls, calm down, calm down, the most important thing to do here is to not panic. Now, Lynn, are there any other cabins nearby, or any way we could get help."

"No, this is the only cabin or quarters within 10 miles, it's been in Sam's family for 100 years."

"So the killer HAS to be in this house".


"Well then we need to search every inch of this house from top to bottom, to try and find out who is doing this to us".

Lynn helps them search the entire premises from top to bottom, inside and outside, and there are no signs, no clues that anybody is there except for the four of them, leading them to the ultimate conclusion, that one of them is responsible for these deaths. They all begin to panic, and as the day wears on, the girls, especially Kathleen begin to lose their nerve and their heads:

4:00 PM MST

"Well I don't know about you guys, but I'm out of here, because I don't trust any of you anymore" proclaims Kathleen.

"Come on sweetie you're acting crazy"

"Are you coming with me or not" she asks.

"No baby we can't go anywhere, the storm..."

"Fine, then I'll go by myself" as she grabs the car keys by the front door, puts on her coat, and rushes outside, to leave. Mike chases after her, but she is already in the car, and when she starts the car, there is a massive explosion, and Mike has to back off to avoid the burst of flames, before chasing in after her. By the time, he gets to her, her body is burnt beyond recognition, and he loses total control breaking down in a fit of hysteria, sorrow, and rage.

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