Friday, November 13, 2009

This Will Not End Well

The Facts:

- there's this new girl that I'm pretty into
- definitely in the top 5 of hottest chicks I've ever known, and quite possibly #1
- no ring and no mention of a boyfriend
- very easy, chillax, and fun to talk to
- into hockey, and VERY VERY into football..."quizzed" her all day today and she passed with flying colors...we even talked strategy which was just OMFG HAWT!
- unfortunately a Chargers fan, and she gave me plenty of grief over being a Chiefs fan
- one of "those girls", who likes going to baseball games, but can't watch a baseball game on TV

What is Going to Happen:

- The moderator will continue talking to said female, and establish a solid rapport, well he kind of already has, but a better rapport
- The moderator will eventually have one his "sober blackout" moments, where his BAC is 0.00, and yet because he's talking to a hottie he just blacks out, talks to her in a whole bunch of nonsense, asks her out for drinks or something, and she says no
- Moderator will get home, have a hard time remembering what was said, just that the end result was not good, and blog about it
- Moderator will discuss said failure with his friends the next weekend
- Said friends will give him helpful hints for next time, and tell him to relax, forget about her, and move on
- Moderator will move on, find new girl, and REPEAT entire cycle

Summation: The moderator feels like Longstreet at Gettysburg. He can already see the impending epic fail, and yet there is nothing that he can do about it. Alright, let me clarify, I usually have a plan or at least an idea of what I am going to say to girls, but when the moment comes, I just flat out black out. and end up saying ridiculous nonsense. If someone can figure out how to prevent sober blackouts, then I'm all set.

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