Friday, December 18, 2009

A Christmas Story Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Tuesday December 8, 2009

Rachel woke up Tuesday morning, with a renewed sense of life. While Charlie's comments had certainly hurt, she was over it, and with a light snow falling over the New York skyline, decided to walk to work today, and soak in the awesomeness that was a snowy winter in the greatest city in the world. After throwing on a coat, some earmuffs, gloves, and the full winter garb, she walked out the door, and immediately she felt like a little kid again, thinking back on all the times her and Charlie walked to school together in the snow growing up, and remembering the first time she met Charles Gruber when they were both a couple of five year olds growing up in Lower Manhattan.

December 12, 1984

It was a couple days after a particularly bad winter storm, but all the children at Leffingwell Elementary School (yes that was the name of my elementary school...way too lazy to try and think of a cool name for one and I only have an hour to write a shit ton of chapters but that's besides the point) were finally allowed to go out and play outside again, so when the recess bell rang, all the children anxiously ran outside yelling and screaming, being annoying as fuck little kids.

Rachel, who had had a hard time adjusting to school life, didn't have many friends, and was off in the corner trying to build herself a little snowman. Charlie and a few of his friends were having a snowball war, and their war eventually shifted towards Rachel's area of the playground, and an errant snowball hit her snowman.

"Hey, stop it" she shouted "you're hurting Frosty"

"What are you going to do, cry about it" replied fuckhead little kid #1

"Yes cry little girl CRY" taunted fuckhead little kid #2 as he chucked a couple snowballs right into her snowman.

Fuckhead little kids #1,2, and now 3, all proceed to throw their full arsenal at her snowman, destroying, it, causing little Rachel to start sobbing in tears. Little Charlie comes and tackles fuckhead little kid #2, yelling at them to stop it. They razz him for defending her, but are all too afraid of him to challenge him any further and walk away.

"Are you ok? Sorry about that." asks Charlie.

"No. They killed Frosty" replies Rachel as she is wiping her tears away.

"Well let's bring him back to life" replies Charlie, as he helps Rachel build a new snowman. By the time the recess period is over, their snowman is complete, they write their names in the snow, you know like an author would.

"I'm Charlie"

"Rachel. Thank you for saving Frosty." she says giving him a hug, and beginning a lifelong friendship.

Back to present day

Before she knew it, she had completed the two mile trek to work, looked over her schedule for the day, and went to see her first patient for the day. When she walked into Mike's room, and saw him again, all of her thoughts of Charlie, her childhood, and the past weekend immediately dissipated, as the future and the chance to create new memories was right in front of her.

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