Friday, December 18, 2009

NFL Week 15 Preview

The stretch run and fantasy football playoffs are HERE! Best of luck to all of you, my opponent of course has Peyton Manning, so I'm already in a big hole, but you never know in this crazy game. A very weak schedule this week imo, plus have tons of blog catching up to do, so no analysis this week, just the picks.

Winners in Bold (13-3 last week, 116-59 for the season)

Colts @ Jaguars= yes i had the colts coming into the game
Cowboys @ Saints
Bears @ Ravens
Patriots @ Bills - UPSET SPECIAL
Cardinals @ Lions
Browns @ Chiefs
Falcons @ Jets
49ers @ Eagles
Texans @ Rams
Dolphins @ Titans
Raiders @ Broncos
Bengals @ Chargers
Packers @ Steelers
Bucs @ Seahawks
Vikings @ Panthers
Giants @ Redskins

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